Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer according to Facebook

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May 26Highlands Ranch
Hmm. Did Focus on the Family this morning and sent the kids to nap at 1:30. BJ was insistent he didn't need a nap, and yet he is still asleep now at 4:26. I better wake him so he sleeps tonight though!!

May 28
This man. He may frustrate me at time- but he is my rock. He is incredible. I love him.

May 31st Happy Anniversary babe. So thankful for you. You continue to be my rock, my calming spirit, my best friend, even 13 years later. I love you!

June 3rd Summer fun

June 4th "Mom, Take my picture"
June 9Columbine
Littleton museum-->> baby lambs and baby pigs!!!
Today I was that mom.
The one who threw her 4 year old over her shoulder and walked out of an event.
Good thing I work out.

Laughing so hard. Playing a game with the kids where one is the parent and puts us to bed, and then tries to catch us in the act of turning on the light or dancing in bed. Then said parent says "I saw you, no ice cream!!" So funny

Had a mini meltdown tonight. Crying lots. Over really nothing.
A asked why I was crying and I said "I don't really know"
Brandon told her "don't worry honey, someday it will happen to you"
"No, nope, never" she responded. Recording it here so she knows later 
June 18th 

This man. In.cred.ible.
He has been a calming source and support for me since high school.
And as a dad- amazing!! He has taught my kids about cars, fixing things, has tea parties. And even more so, teaches them character, integrity, and to hug mom when she cries. We are so blessed by this man God has given us!! Happy Father's Day babe!

Mom rant- don't give me my kids lesson report card BEFORE the last lesson, I paid for the whole session, make sure he doesn't do it today! Rant over.

Told BJ it was bedtime tonight- "It's 8 o'clock buddy" He responds, "No it's 7:58" ‪#‎soliteral‬

I've hit the "I can't even" parent time. Lord please protect my children as they stall their way to bedtime.

We have a peanut allergy in our house so we have no peanut anything. And yet I still say "peanut butter and jelly" when I mean almond butter and jelly. My son thinks I'm crazy- I'm working against 27 years of PB&J
June 30
Kids crack me up- Anika was down for a nap she clearly needed at 1:30. (She was pushing EVERYONE's buttons all morning). She decided to play with her feet, talk to herself etc. to keep herself away for 2 HOURS!! At 3:30 I told her she had to go back and lay down and close her eyes since she was disobedient (which I should have caught earlier)- she is now fast asleep at 4! Crazy girl

July 1Highlands Ranch
Boys getting it done!

July 2
B needed to stop by O'Reilly's on the way home- and Anika is convinced we're at the "park store" and BJ says "old Reilly's." It may forever be "Old Reilly's park store from now on!

July 3
A success!

July 4Highlands Ranch
We love 4th of July kid's parade!!

July 4Highlands Ranch
Anika was in her element tonight "shmoosing" complete strangers into letting her dictate their home firework show, earning the title "the director." She cracks me up!

July 7
"All I want today is chocolate" Anika- and mama says "Amen!"

Introducing a new generation to Rock Band

July 19th We took the kids to Jumpstreet tonight and Brandon spent most of the time handing his kids balls in dodgeball- not really playing himself, but having a blast seeing their smiles and hearing their giggles!

Does it say something about my parenting skills when my kids put themselves to bed without asking? Pro status or neglect?

Amazing coffee shop in Nashville!

Me: sorry you guys, I'm so tired I have the attention span of a 3 year old.
Brandon: no, it's not that good! 😂

Here's the scoop. Whether you agree or disagree- I don't care. You may think that my day job is so important that I should be available for your every need or never take time off. But anyone can be your physician.
NO ONE ELSE can be their mom. I literally cried today when he passed this swim test because I feared he would never have the confidence to do it, and it represents a lot of failed attempts at motivating him to swim on his own.
So- you may have a different opinion of what my priorities should be- but this is mine!

Just walked out of my room from a quick nap to find BJ assembling a My Little Pony Musical Celebration Castle his little sister got with gift card money this morning. So sweet. Love catching my kids doing something good.

Loved the Nature and Science Museum today!!
My little gymnast wanted to watch Annie tonight. I vehemently refused.‪#‎gymnasticsfinals‬ She's in love- asking when she can compete in the olympics. 😍